Citizen Science

This program was completed in 2023.
Anticipated Total

Anticipated total amount over the full term of this award.


Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload copies of your unofficial academic transcript(s) from each high school and college that you have attended. Official transcript will be required, if awarded. An ACC transcript must be uploaded..
  2. Upload a copy of your birth certificate/US passport or copy of permanent resident (green) card.
  3. Permission for release of academic records & student information and understanding of Citizens Science Summer Undergraduate Research Internship program requirements: I hereby certify that the information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Further, I understand that consideration for the Citizens Science Summer Undergraduate Research program may be denied if an information is found to be incomplete or inaccurate. I authorize Austin Community College to release the information contained within this application (including academic records and personal biographical information) to the Citizens Science Summer Undergraduate Research program committee, and to use my name in media releases and publications.
  4. Have you provided or will you provide one (1) letter of recommendation form ACC faculty members and/or current employer? This letter must be sent directly to Prof. Leslie Davis,
  5. Applicant Commitment -- Agree to commit to participate in the program and be present in Austin through the entire time, March 20 -- May 4, 2023. Required class meetings: Fridays, 9 am -- 3 pm; AND required online weekly meeetings as arranged with professor; AND participate in all the field trips.This course meets during the second 8-week Spring 2023 semester