Hindu Charities For America - HC4A

Hindu Charities For America (HC4A) provides Indian communities across the United States an opportunity to give back to the communities who have embraced them and given them the chance to prosper. Their scholarships focuses on students who have completed at least 30 hours, have financial need, and are enrolled in an Applied Science program at ACC.


“After leaving school for many years, I will now become the first in my family to acquire a college degree. As of now, I am set to graduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Construction Management after this semester and then I will proceed to take the classes necessary to transfer to a university the following year. During this next summer, I intend to take a break from classes and put my experience in construction to use, by volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, in hopes of passing on the generosity your members have demonstrated to me. " – Fall 2016 HC4A Scholarship Recipient