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Dr. Johanna Hulls Huggans Memorial

This scholarship was established in the memory of Professor Johanna Hulls Huggans. She was born and raised in Newellton, Louisiana. Dr. Huggans earned her under graduate degree at Northwestern Louisiana University in 1962 and taught home economics in Lake Charles, LA. After four years teaching high school her interest in children drove her to attend Oklahoma State University where she earned her master’s degree in 1967. She taught at Oklahoma State for one more year then taught at Northeast Louisiana University 1969 and 1970. She came to Austin in the Fall of 1970 and became the Director of the Lab School at the University of Texas. She took a two year leave to attend Purdue University where she earned her Doctorate in Early Childhood Development in 1978. She was married in 1980 and continued to direct the Lab School and teach till 1988. Dr. Huggans started teaching at Austin Community College as an adjunct instructor in 1991 and became full time in 2001. She taught at ACC until she retired in 2007.

It is hard to say which Professor Huggans loved most, the children or her students. But in reality, it doesn’t matter as she devoted her energy to both these aspects of teaching. Even after her retirement, she shared her knowledge with whoever sought it. This scholarship was established to help continue Johanna’s desire to educate those who want to be part of improving the education of the children Professor Huggans so dearly loved.