Mylena Chavez Study Abroad Scholarship

Purpose: To assist students participating in the ACC Faculty-Led Art History or Drawing Study Abroad Programs. See for program information.

• Enrolled in a certificate or degree program at ACC.
• Minimum 2.5 overall GPA in college work.
• Completed 12 hours at ACC.
• Applied and accepted to the study abroad program.
• Financial need as determined by ACC Financial Aid Office.

Supplemental Questions
  1. • Submit an essay that addresses the following (2 pages, typed and double spaced): 1. What inspires you at a personal and academic level to study Art or Art History in Italy? Explain why you are a good candidate to study abroad and what you might contribute to the program? 2. How will the study abroad program impact your academic, professional, and personal goals? 3. Describe a challenging situation that you have found yourself in? How did you deal with the challenge and what was the outcome? What lessons learned could be applicable or useful to the study abroad experience?